Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

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Puminati Digital provides the best Search Engine Marketing Services with the help of experienced PPC Marketers. Search Engine Marketing is a technique to drive traffic to the website through paid advertisements on various search engines.

Search Engine Marketing is a technique to drive traffic to the website through paid advertisements on various search engines.

Driving traffic to make you a star search with the best marketing strategies.

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Pay per click is a web-based advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online advertisements. In pay-per-click advertising, organizations running advertisements are possibly charged when a user clicks on their advertisement.

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A Wide Range of AD Campaigns

Search Engine Advertisement a wide range of AD Campaigns and Targeting Options to target your potential customers

Search Ads

Search Ads are shown up when anyone searches for the keyword that the advertiser is bidding on. Search Ads are the best to counter the traffic to your landing page and increase conversions. Search ads are displayed on SERPs and search engine network search sites. We focus on improving your quality score for the keywords that you want to bid on and decreasing the bid amount to get the maximum ROI.

Display Ads

Display ads are image ads that are shown on search engine partner websites. Display ads can help boost your brand visibility and are of great help in remarketing your products or service to your web visitors. We use Display ads for branding and remarketing and help you drive the maximum ROI.

Video Ads

Videos Ads are the demand of the hour. Video ads are the most engaging and drive the attention of your target prospect. Video ads are shown on Youtube through Google Ads and on search engine partner network sites.

Shopping Ads

Want your products to be shown first on the SERP when someone searches about your product? Then, Shopping ads`are the go-to thing for you. We will help in increasing your product sales through shopping ads and drive more conversions.

“With a 46% share, search is the biggest component of the digital advertising market.”

Why Choose us Puminati Digital?
We work on all search networks and have an expert team to do the task. By doing in-depth research on your customers and your business, we create an effective advertising strategy to yield maximum results. Continuously after measuring the performance of ads, we make changes to our plan and content (if required) to ensure the best performance of your ads.
Analysis of an existing account (if present). Written in report form and reviewed with the client.
Building of ad accounts if not created.
Restructuring and understanding the account if the client has inherited an account responsibility from a person or an agency.
Creation of creatives and videos for display and video ads.
Eye-catching advertisements and taglines are the golden keys for a successful advertisement campaign.
Creating and optimizing the Landing page.
Setting the campaign goals and creating a strategy with the client.

"Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design."

Clare Muscutt
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